Frequently Asked Questions

We're asked many questions relating to our business and the business of improving human performance. We've tried to answer as many of these as we can here.

Q: Why should I hire your firm?

A: Our experience shows that hiring us brings objectivity and years of experience in a variety of situations to you. We give you another way of seeing your situation and, together, we work to build innovative and easy ways to implement needed changes.

Q: How do you work?

A: Workplace engagement and a culture based on cooperation and trust are keys to success. Because our expertise is to engage individuals and teams more fully, we collaborate with you to create the strategy and action plan that is unique to your needs. We ask thought-provoking questions that clarify thinking and lead to shifts in perspective. During the process, we continually give support and direction to implement and fine-tune the planned strategy. Depending upon the plan, we may employ coaching, consulting, training, and ongoing involvement – whatever brings you the greatest success.

Q: What guarantees do you offer?

A: We guarantee the quality of our work. The client has the responsibility to implement the planned changes. Together, we build a return on investment based upon stated goals and how to reach them. Progress is measured -- both quantifiably and qualifiedly, over time. We are there for guidance and support along the way.

Q: How do you account for differences in needs of clients?

A: Since everyone’s combinations of needs are unique, we sit down to have an in depth conversation about the issues and challenges of your situation. Understanding how people think and being clear about their specific needs is critical to making a realistic and workable plan that can be more easily implemented with cooperation and understanding.

Q: How do we know if we need your services?

A: You have issues and challenges. We have a process for finding solutions. We need to talk and exchange information to decide which services you need that specifically apply to your own situation. Here are some basic questions:

  • Have you been creating changes and the results aren’t what you want?
  • Do you know how your key people think and how they make decisions?
  • Are you solving symptoms instead of the basic problem?
  • Do you figure out solutions that aren’t implemented?

Q: How would I figure out that we’ve been solving symptoms rather than the basic problems?

A: The issues haven’t gone away and you haven’t found a viable solution to the problems you hoped to solve.

Q: Performance is still below where I believe it should be. What can you do that paying people well can't?

A: Recognition and reward for a job well done has been proven by research to be the largest element of importance in order to have employee engagement and commitment. People need to know they are valued. Although compensation is important, it’s not at the top.

Together with you, we meet to figure out what the performance issues are and then make a plan to solve those problems.

Q: We've got more than one issue here and need help now. Why should I wait for you to discover who we are and what the problem is, when I know what it is now?

A: An old saying states: “Haste makes waste”. Considerable research shows that 50 – 75% of change initiatives fail. Often, the perceived problems are really the tip of an iceberg and people are trying to solve symptoms. It is necessary to look at the issues, values, beliefs, workplace culture and strategic plan to see what’s out of alignment.

Our strength lies in the types of questions we ask to dig out many more facts, sorting out the symptoms from the perceived problems. Together with chosen staff, we apply a system of problem solving that culminates with the implementation of chosen solutions. Included in our work is the follow-up portion that assists with the implementation and follow-through.

Q: How is your training different?

A: The best results happen when people work together to find innovative solutions to problems, not symptoms.

We include an inventory that shows how people think and make decisions and then use these strengths to find solutions to problems rather than symptoms. Our system of problem solving is unique, creates higher performing teams and assists the implementation and the changes that follow. Our support is there along the way to ensure that any problems that arise are always solved quickly and easily.

Q: Do you offer individual coaching?

A: We offer individual coaching when appropriate and necessary to further the strengths of an individual, team or the organization.

Q: Why don't you offer ready to use, off-the-shelf packaged solutions? We could implement those right away.

A: Ready to use packages are usually generalized and do not cater to your specific or unique needs. Although many are well researched and designed with a general population experience, that alone doesn’t guarantee implementation and the changes you require.

Together with you, our questioning style, profile of thinking styles and problem solving system, we are certain to deliver a solution process that works.

Q: When do you arrive before a presentation?

A: We prefer to arrive about an hour before a keynote or workshop in order to check out the location and equipment before the session. If the schedule requires, we do the check the night before.

Q: Do you offer a multi-day rate?

A: We always make an effort to negotiate a multi-day rate for clients. Give us a call to discuss what you're planning.

Q: How do you charge if we want you for a keynote and a concurrent session?

A: We don’t increase our fees when we add a concurrent session. We can deliver a keynote and present at a concurrent session, meet with your leadership team, or facilitate a planning session during the same day for the same client. Take advantage of our skills and experience.

Q: Can I call your office if I have any questions?

A: We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to serve you and your needs to add to your success.

Q: How long are your workshops?

A: Our workshops vary in length from one hour lunch and learns to half, whole day and two days.

Q: Do you work outside the Greater Toronto Area?

A: We do travel outside Toronto and add expenses to our fees.

Q: How do you determine your fees?

A: We discuss your needs, make a plan and then decide on your investment.

Q: Do you work for non- profits and NGO’s?

A: Yes, we do. We discuss with you what your needs are and only agree to work together if we know we are suitable. Otherwise, we will do our best to suggest someone else.

"Lorraine is a great coach and motivational speaker. She’s upbeat, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about her chosen areas of expertise. If you need to jump start your brain, your business or your employees, hire Lorraine. You won’t be disappointed."

Lynn Fenske
Fenske Strategic Communications


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