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The more often management focuses on their prize assets – people and an inspiring culture – the more likely cooperation, trust and innovation will develop. The result is superior leadership, with a deeper commitment by engaged employees, increased success and a winning edge.

You gain transferable skills, enabling you to:

  • Entrench effective solutions, processes and practices across your organization.
  • Design processes, solve problems, create workable solutions, increase individual and team effectiveness.
  • Align your staff with the strategic plan, mission, vision and values.
  • Increase cooperation and collaboration amongst your teams. In other words, transform them into high performing teams.
  • Implement new skills and necessary change with more success than ever.

How it's done:

Customized programs consisting of:

  • Consulting
  • Facilitation
  • Strategic planning
  • Workshops
  • Keynotes

The first consideration is your unique requirements and timelines. These are critical to your success in this process.

Your organization will move forward through active participation, and individual and team stimulation.

You and your teams are supported all the way to get the right things done right for the right reasons.

You have our support and collaboration for the long term. Follow-up is an important part of a successful process.

Getting your team to collaborate

Creative Collaboration
Easier than Herding Cats

Highly successful organizations develop a workplace culture built on trust, service to others, communication and interpersonal skills, resulting in a superior team environment. To find out more about Creative Collaboration, click here.

Getting your team to innovate

Innovative Solutions:
Express Route to Success

Innovative problem solving and decision making skills are increasingly critical in today’s constantly changing workplace. Risk taking becomes more commonplace and the need for quick responses becomes more essential. How we approach these issues and find their solutions makes the difference between success and failure. To find out more about Innovative Solutions, click here.

Getting your team to use their differences rather than fight them

The Benefits of Your Differences:
Unique thinking styles as a management tool

Why does one person's thinking style irritate some but not others? Knowing someone's personality type is only half the battle. Until you understand how different thinking styles are key to problem solving and decision making, workplace hostility, anger, resentment and confusion will remain. To find out more about The Benefits of Your Differences, click here.

Getting your team to be better leaders

Joy, Inspiration and Innovation:
A leader's happy triplets

Twenty first century success depends on inspirational leaders who are prepared to innovate, take risks and make the changes work. Most of all, they spark imagination and develop a culture of trust and confident success. They master the reasons why individuals actively or passively resist change and know how to help them move forward to ensure an inspired, engaged and innovative workforce. To find out more about Joy, Inspiration and Innovation, click here.

Getting your team to embrace and profit from change

Inspiring Change:
From resistance to cooperation

Success depends on innovative thinkers, risk takers and those willing to continually evolve, whether as individuals or as organizations. Professionals must take the lead, master the reasons why people actively or passively resist change and help them move forward to ensure an inspired, innovative workforce. By finding out the purpose of resistance, participants will see their values, attitudes, priorities and limiting beliefs in a new light. To find out more about Inspiring Change, click here.

Keynote Presentations

Your team will come away inspired, energized and ready to tackle the challenges your business faces with fresh ideas and practical techinques. To find out more about having Lorraine give your next keynote, click here.

"Lorraine strategically approached our requirement and developed a multi-directional response to our burgeoning needs. … we were coached in change-making, goal setting, leadership and culture change.

"Lorraine’s strategy was to help us develop a strategic plan, realign our work flows, and in recruiting and evaluate key personnel. The results have been truly impressive, most notably in professional growth and with our cultural shift towards a more collaborative environment."

Joel Mandelbaum,
President & CEO,
Split Second Courier Inc.


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