Creative Collaboration:  The Lifeblood of Extraordinary Teams

One of the most constructive developments to occur in business today is management’s focus on employee engagement and involvement. . Skills in team goals and understanding various thinking styles that affect decision  making, communication and relationships are clarified. The qualities of a successful team and the roles of it’s members as creative, effective leaders and followers are a critical component.  The result is the ability to create realistic strategies designed to achieve new visions with respect to the mission statement and strategic plan of the organization.

Be a Winner in Challenging Times: Using Change to Create Opportunities

Change is inevitable, yet change is what people resist the most.  Values, attitudes, fears, risks, limiting beliefs and self-esteem are at the root of this resistance.  Learn the "why" behind resistance and the "how" for making change work.  Participants will learn the three major reasons why individuals and businesses continue to remain stuck in their habits and very simply begin their own change process.  The results are lowered stress, greater adaptability, open mindedness and creativity.  

Individual Thinking Styles:  A Blessing or a Curse?

Whether in a workplace environment or in personal life, understanding the four thinking styles individuals use to make decisions and solve problems boosts working relationships, interpersonal communication, engagement and opportunities for innovation.   It lowers stress by reducing hostility and confusion.

Participants will discover their own thinking style and understand  the advantages of  differences.

Unlock Your Mind: Enjoy Creating Innovative Solutions

Creativity is natural.   So is allowing our minds to run free. Instead of fighting fires, find solutions to problems rather than symptoms. While working together to make decisions to solve problems, understanding how individual differences in thinking styles are an asset and using an 8 step problem solving system, participants can be enabled to create innovative solutions to previously difficult problems.

Inspired Leadership: Your Best Bet in Challenging Times

How can leaders light the spark that grows to a contagious flame for all to succeed?

Innovation, flexibility, engaged and inspired staff are major keys to maintaining a competitive lead, reducing turnover and staying in business. During this session, participants will learn about the three main leadership styles, their effects on workplace culture and employee engagement in supporting creativity, trust, change and a collaborative workforce.

"Applause is just fleeting recognition of a good job.  After the crowds have left and the auditorium is silent, professionals move on to the next achievement with added confidence and higher expectations.  The applause for your impressive display of knowledge and enthusiasm still echoes.

"The comments and evaluations gathered from your audience were outstanding.  Thank you for a very informative, professional presentation." 

Monica Rudat, National Account Manager, CPSA  (Canadian  Professional Sales Association)


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