If your teams collaborated more, would it make a difference to their productivity?

Creative collaboration amongst your team members can result in significant gains. But how to accomplish this collaboration? At the core is appreciation and understanding. To find out more about how creative collaboration can be learned, click here.

Are you wishing your teams took more risks and showed more innovation?

Workplace culture is at the root of innovation. In order to innovate, your people must feel trust and loyalty, as well as cooperation. The potential is in them, what they need are the right tools, techniques and atmosphere to succeed. This can be learned. To read more about innovation, click here.

Are you facing changes and want a new way to take charge of them?

Change is affecting your business and will continue to do so as time goes by. However, change can be planned for and resistance to change can be diminished. To find out more about the tools to handle and thrive on change, click here.

Are the thinking/decision-making styles of your people helping or hurting your bottom line?

You know the importance of different thinking styles amongst your people. Did you know that precise understanding of these styles and what they mean to interpersonal, workplace interactions is not only possible, but easily achievable? To find out more about thinking styles and what they mean to your workplace, click here.

Do your people demonstrate the leadership you want them to?

Your people might be the best at what they do, however, when people try to work together to solve bigger issues and tackle more important subjects, time is wasted, arguments ensue and projects fail. Often a lack of leadership and management skills amongst the team are at the root of the problem. Leadership skills can be transferred. To learn more about leadership skill transfer, click here.

Weygman Consulting helps you take your business from inspiration to innovation to superior results.

"Lorraine is an exceptional   communicator, teacher, coach and developer of leaders, teams  and professionals in all walks of life. However, she is more than this because, most of all, she knows how to help people solve real problems and get the breakthrough results they seek!"

Dr. Min Basadur, President and Founder, Basadur Applied Creativity


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